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Shambles Recording Sesh

Most people know Seamus McGoldrick a.k.a. Shambles as a rippin surfer. I’ve had the privilege to spend some time and adventures with him upon two of my visits to west coast Ireland. He’s literally one of the deepest intellects I know. Educated in Quantum Physics and Chemistry at Trinity College, super fun, upbeat, and passionate (orchestrates beach clean-ups and awareness activities with the legendary ISurfIreland crew).. Safe in saying he’s a well cultured man.  He even shared with me the outline of a book he’s writing that’s quite brilliant- a multidimensional adventure through facets of life in the eyes of Shambles. Recording this soul brother was amongst my favorite things I got to do this summer in Ireland. Originally I met Shambles in 2011 when these extra ordinary musicians Kev and Elaine invited me to what became one of my favorite beach towns,  full of some of the most rad people I’ve ever met, off the beaten path and riddled with beauty, history, and culture for days. Shambles took me adventuring down the Wild Atlantic Way and shared with me the richness of Irish culture including the Willie Clancy Festival and even got me out riding waves a few times as well! I knew of his talents in songwriting, but when we got together to make a demo, he had such an amazing raw energy, I literally had goosebumps rolling the tracks and was almost a surreal experience, was a treat for sure. He delivered sixteen original songs consecutively (including a couple of jigs and reels). As well as looking a bit like Kurt Cobain, Shambles music definitely has a gritty and raspy quality with nuances that sound like a mash up of Cobain/Dylan/Lennon, but obviously in his very own Irish tongue. He broke out different guitars for the various songs. You can listen to one of my favorites here.. Enjoy