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War and Peace band

Super stoked announcing…War and Peace BW tshirt print

Inspired to be working as a team with the most amazing, positive, and open minded talent one could hope for! They blow my mind on a regular basis. My bandmates are Stephen Geller (a.k.a. Kreepy G), Michael Christofferson (a.k.a. Dandelion), and my brother Ted Weldon, who’s the leader of the band.

Stay posted for what’s next..

Grandpa Theodore Weldon

This is dedicated to my grandpa Theodore Weldon who passed away July 25th, 2011 while I was traveling in Ireland. He was a mechanical genius and also one of the most chilled out / loving people I’ve ever encountered. He lived to ninety eight years old experiencing quite the range of time / progression of mankind. More than fifty of those years he worked for Southern Pacific as a mechanic and would troubleshoot trains when they had failures. He would’ve been an engineer, but preferred come home to his family at night. I love you grandpa.

Greg Johnson

I’ve had the pleasure to meet and work with Greg Johnson recently. It was a totally pleasant experience. He’s a true Kiwi, but I’d also say that he’s a true Californian. Greg helped Ted and I mix LA Traffic.

He is a terrific engineer and knows his stuff. Further, Greg shared his music with us. I attended a show that he invited me to and was blown away for a couple of reasons. Firstly the venue was so cool. A speakeasy if you will… Off the cuff. Centered around a true experience with the musicians. No chatter or cell phones. Just a communal musical experience. Secondly, the music was outstanding. Both Greg’s and the following act (We Are The West). Accompanied by his musical partner Ted Brown, the two of them truly had myself and the entire audience captivated. Full of dynamics. Full of love. Full of passion and so on. Let’s just say I look forward to the next one!

I started doing research on Greg and realized just how vast his background in music is and the depth of this man and his creations. His debut album ‘The Watertable’ 1990 is badass! To me it’s cutting edge, whilst maintaining a super fun 80’s -esque feel. What I mean by that is his vocals and lyrics feel lightweight and free and so does his music. Greg holds nothing back, using many different timbres. Okay, I love this entire album. Have a listen to ‘The Watertable’ here.
“Human Race” is my fave.. moves me almost like some older David Bowie does.
“Home Alone” with its brilliant soundscaping and mesmerizing trumpet parts.
“Ants in the Grass” with a gentle dreamlike feel put me smack dab into an old-world storybook. “Searching for Atlantis”. The list of great, great songs goes on and on. To me Greg is a true artist. He seizes every moment, every opportunity to do something new and to explore an immense amount of melodies, textures, moods, and genres and fuses them quite well and responsibly.
Please check out Greg’s discography and website.. That’s what I’m currently doing. Several great albums I haven’t mentioned here. Also if you’re in LA or coming through, you might be able to book him for a studio session (if you’re lucky!) He has a cozy, refined and well rounded studio space and energy. He’s constantly producing out of it!