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Nate Weldon’s Drive To The Sun / A Date With Nate eps


Hello! I have two mini ep albums in production and materializing beautifully. Exploring my roots in my little old hometown of Placerville, California has led me to write freely about numerous subjects close to my heart. My own family history, world history, explorations into spiritualism, environmentalism, and current affairs have all surfaced in my new work. And the more I open up as an artist, the more I find I’m surrounded by a wealth of talent, beauty, inspiration, and love.
Above all, is Love. I really feel so much love. So much that I needed to make these mini albums (Drive to the Sun and A Date With Nate) and sing about the many facets of love. In a world that’s in dire need of healing, I hope to always inspire through music and through love. Many of the songs within this body of work are reflections of love and some very special relationships I’ve been able to experience on my path.
My new mini album fuses Soul, Bossa Nova, Latin, Hip Hop, and Americana into my own contemporary sound! And……I have some cool new interpretations/covers of The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, and a few more of some of my favorite predecessors to share!
Please download the two complimentary songs! 
Love to you all,

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