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Mother Nature

This song was written on the property where I was born and raised in Placerville, California. I’ve recorded it several times and it/I finally reached a catalyst while I was traveling in Ireland last summer (2017) when some very special people showed up to help me in various ways. The depths of this song have been quite the energetic shifts and cleansing for me, involving a tremendous amount of exploring, purging, meditating, praying, and rebirth.

Special thanks to Zuhe Coronil (cinematography), McGloughlin brothers- Kevin and Páraic, Ais Ní Ghallachoir, Seamus McGoldrick, Aileen Foley, Robert Hanna, Paddy Hazleton, Michael Caheny, Robert McManus, Neal and Maurya, Kev and Elaine, Deano, Peter, O’Dowds, Dale Barber, and countless others who helped me in Strandhill, Rosses Point, Sligo, Galway, Co Clare, and throughout Ireland! To all the mothers out there, guys creating space for the feminine, and people working towards a sustainable world for future generations and all of Mother Earth’s inhabitants- Salut!

Also to the memory of my mother Rita Mary de Diego Weldon who passed on April 24th 1987 and has always been in my heart and soul breathing new energy. Some of my memories of her before her passing are from a family vacation in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England when I was four years of age.


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